How to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Local Business

Facebook ads are an excellent choice for local businesses looking to attract new customers to their products or services, but they can be confusing to set up at first. Fortunately, there are several proven strategies you can use to boost your business’ Facebook advertising with a facebook ad agency efforts and grow your customer base! Here are five tips to help you make the most of Facebook ads in your business strategy!

6 Benefits of Targeting Locals

1. People who live near your business are more likely to become customers. 

2. They’re also more likely to visit your store or office more frequently. 

3. Local customers are also more likely to be brand loyal. 

4. Targeting ads to locals can save you money on advertising costs. 

5. You can use local targeting to test out new products or services before rolling them out to a wider audience. 

6. And finally, targeting ads to locals allows you to build relationships with the people who live and work near your business

3 Best Practices for Using Custom Audiences

2 Pitfalls to Avoid

4 Tools & Tips For Successful Local Advertising

1. Start by creating a custom audience. 

2. Use relevant, eye-catching images. 

3. Write compelling ad copy. 

4. Take advantage of Facebook's targeting options. 

5. Consider using a call-to-action button. 

6. Don't forget to track your results. 

7. Boost your posts for maximum reach

5 Common Ad Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Are you running Facebook ads for your local business, but not seeing the results you want? You could be making one of these five common mistakes

Meet the Hazey Janes

If you like Indie Pop you’ll love the Hazey Janes and what they do with their music. All the band members come from Dundee, Scotland and they began playing together at the turn of the century.
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These days, the group is most often found touring throughout the UK, both as headliners and in support of other major acts. A new album is also underway for them.